Violet-blue beauties, simply beautiful and enchanting, bluebells are classic and a sign that spring is in full swing. They blossom in mid-late spring and typically grow up to 25-30cm.

Also known as Hyacinthoides non-scripta, English bluebells are incredible naturalizes that last up to 5 weeks or more, and they multiply impressively every single year. They’re native to western Europe and are associated with ancient woodland, particularly in moderately fertile and moist soil.

They also grow along hedgerows and in fields, creating a delightful blue blanket of flowers, often associated with the spring season.


Did you know? It takes at least five years for a seed to develop into an English Bluebell bulb, making it a very slow grower.

English Bluebell Bulbs – Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta

  • Any moist free draining Soil in a lightly shaded Spot.