A pretty giant almost white petals are striped dramatically in violet-purple, a real eye-catching colour combination, try planting with deep purple crocus this is a winner Crocus Multiplies rapidly! and provide amazing flashy colour combinations a real talking point.
Crocus is a genus of flowering plant in the iris family comprising of 90 species growing from corms. Crocuses are cultivated for their flowers appearing in early spring with excellent colour combinations, their hardiness and early flowering make them a must in the garden. Crocuses are native to woodlands, scrub, and meadows from sea level.
a must for spring, they can be planted in borders, rockery gardens, tubs, pots and even lawns. Multiplies rapidly! And perform best in very large groups
lawns planting cut a small section of turf fold back roughly break up the soil with a folk, and place the bulbs pointy end up, then simply roll back the turf.
Avoid mowing the grass for a couple of weeks until the foliage withers and dies back naturally as the green leaves provide nourishment for the crocus bulbs. allow foliage to be left intact until it withers and dies back fully.
Provide full sun to partial shade and average to well-drained soil. But avoid planting in area where the soil dries out a lot in the summer months.

Crocus Striped ‘King of Striped’

  • Any free draining soil in a sunny spot.