Species Crocus varieties are as follows


  • Snow bunting: Attractive pure white, golden throated, cup-shaped slightly fragrant with attractive pale blue veins on outer petals.
  • Gypsy Girl: lemon-yellow goblet shaped flowers with distinctive plum purple striped outer petals, slightly fragrant.
  • Pirns Claus: Fragrant goblet shaped flowers, boasting attractive white petals flushed with purple bands.
  • Cream Beauty: Beautiful creamy-yellow cup shaped scented flowers that open in the sunshine to expose bright golden yellow throat.
  • Tricolour: Stunning vibrant violet-blue petals slightly fragrant flowers with instinctive white and yellow hearts.
  • Blue Pearl: Fragrant white flowers, surrounded by beautiful soft silvery lilac-blue outer petals a with golden yellow centre.
  • Mixed Species Crocus: an equal mixture of all 6 varieties for a truly wonderful display of colour.

Mixed Crocus

  • Any free draining soil in a sunny spot.